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Dog Behavior Therapist, Bark Busters Dog Training for Columbus Northwest

Bobb Frecker your local dog training and behavior expertBobb Frecker with Taavi, GiGi and Eli - your LOCAL dog training and behavior expert. Bark Busters In Home Dog Training Columbus Northwest Ohio.

Best Dog Training in Columbus,

Are you looking for Columbus dog training that will provide PERMANENT results in your dog’s behavior?
Are you frustrated by your puppy’s inability to LISTEN and do what you say?

Welcome to dog training The Bark Busters Way!

I am Bobb Frecker, a behavioral therapist and Master Dog Trainer throughout Columbus, Ohio. In my 9 years as a dog trainer, I have successfully trained more than 2000 dogs. In fact, I have succeeded where other methods have failed. How?

What Bark Busters Can Do For You

  • In Home Training – I come into your home where your dog is relaxed and comfortable and can readily pay attention without distractions. Also, this is where most of the behavioral issues occur! Class settings cannot duplicate what you are experiencing in your home environment. You will learn more in our first lesson than a “class” environment that may last six weeks!
  • Positive Training – Bark Busters Columbus never uses prong or shock collars. Our methods are based on positive reinforcement which is longer-lasting. We don’t bribe with treats to extort good behavior.
  • Our sessions - The first dog session training will last approximately 3 hours. I will provide you with training handouts, and will give you a very detailed lesson plan that fits your dogs temperament. I also provide free telephone support. If you useour techniques 10 – 15 minutes/day, you’ll be rewarded with a well-behaved dog!
  • Communication - Your dog can’t speak English and you can’t speak dog, so miscommunications occur. However, using your vocal tones and body language, I can teach you how to communicate with your dog in a language he understands. You will learn to understand what the dog is telling you and vice versa. The result? The dog will listen to you, trust you and behave the way you want it to!

Bark Busters Columbus Can Help You Overcome:

  • Aggression
  • Barking
  • Biting
  • Chewing
  • Destructiveness
  • Digging
  • Jumping
  • Housebreaking
  • Puppy issues
  • Separation anxiety
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • And any other issue you are having with your dog

Vet Recommended

Many of the veterinary clinics throughout Columbus, Upper Arlington, Dublin, Hilliard, Worthington, Grandview and more recommend Bark Busters Home Dog Training. They know our training methods are the most effective for their client’s dog's behavior issues.

Meet Your Columbus, OH Dog Trainer – Bobb Frecker
Dog owners come to me with a wide variety of bad behaviors that are affecting the well -being of the family. There’s no reason to tolerate an ill-mannered dog. Believe it or not, your dog wants to please you -- they just don’t know how.

I truly enjoy helping families mold or change their dog’s behavior to fit in better with their families and to be well-mannered, happy and obedient companions. Let me help yours!

Any Dog, Any Breed, Any Size!

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Call Bobb at 1-877-500-BARK (2275) or e-mail Bobb directly

List of areas covered by Bark Busters Dog Training Northwest Columbus:

Clintonville, Columbus, Dublin, Galloway, Grandview, Grove City, Hilliard, Lamcaster, London, Marysville, Minerva Park, Upper Arlington, Worthington,Valley View

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