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Our dogs really respond to these methods. We have noticed a difference in our dogs, after one lesson. We are so pleased. We have already recommended Bobb to our friends.
Karen H., Upper Arlington, Ohio 28th December 2013

Bobb explained the techniques very clearly. Noticeable changes on the first lesson and dramatic changes on the second lesson. I am quite pleased with the natural training Bark Busters has to offer, obedience training would not have been enough for my dogs. Thanks Bobb for all your help.
Paige P., Grove City, Ohio 20th December 2013

I cannot believe the change our dogs have made in just two sessions. We are very pleased with Bobb and the Bark Busters training program. We have two dogs that did not get along and both had their own behavioral problems. Bobb was very thorough in explaining their behavior and then working out a plan to correct it. Our dogs have already shown such a big improvement. Thanks Bobb!!
Jamie B., Columbus 20th November 2012

I cannnot tell you how pleased I have been with the Bark Buster's training and with my trainer, Bobb Frecker. My dog is NOW an awesome dog after working with the techniques Bobb taught me (and my dog too). I would highly recommend Bobb Frecker, as a trainer, and the Bark Busters training program to anyone and everyone wanting a well trained dog. My dog is just amazing after a few sessions using the Bark Buster techniques!!!!!! Thank you, Bobb Frecker, and Bark Busters for such an excellent job and excellent training program. I also love the tips on your web site. "Thank you, thank you!!!!!" Sincerely and Forever Grateful, Diane Getz
Diane Getz, Grove City 14th November 2011

I have just started with Bark Busters and I am so happy. Thank you so much for teaching me how to get the training started. My trainer Bobb is super nice and easily identifies quick fixes to help me improve the techniques. To start with, we picked the top 3 "problem areas" to work on and I was amazed at how well my dog did from the start! My #1 issue was jumping on people. And I can say "WAS" because just after 1 week my dog already knew that was no longer acceptable manners!! :) From the first lesson there was such an overall improvement it was encouraging. The tips for walking on a leash work very well and are simple and very effective. My dog continues to respond more and more easily. We continue to learn and reinforce and now are getting ready to begin additional training areas!! I am so glad I found you and am passing on recommendations to my friends!
Erica Beran, Hilliard 31st August 2009

Bobb Frecker is amazing! I have two small dogs and was seriously at my wit's end before discovering Bobb. His training techniques work almost instantaneously, and the coaching and guidance continue to be available well after the initial training. Bobb continues to be extremely responsive when I need advice, and his suggestions have worked 100% of the time. He has helped us to establish the rules, and in turn appreciate our dogs so much more. Instead of yelling at them to behave, we now spend our time having fun. Bobb you have truly transformed our family, we are so grateful, and tell everyone about you!
Jeanne Tierney, Columbus 23rd April 2009

Bob Frecker saved Bella from going back to the Humane Society. She has made such an amazing turn around from his first visit with us. He taught us to be calm, assertive pack leaders, and now we are the ones in control. Great job, Bob - we will spread the word!!!
Pam and Tom Black, Grove City 27th March 2008

Bobb Frecker from Bark Busters is an excellent trainer. He was able to help with my new 2½ year old feisty Labrador. Bobb provided me with a lot of insight to her 'passive dominant' type personality. I feel like my lab's training has been greatly accelerated. I am happily recommending Bobb and Bark Busters to my clients and friends.
K. Troyer, veterinarian, Grove City 19th July 2007

I was leery at first. Then Mr. Frecker changed our life through our dog! We highly recommend Bark Busters for your dogs well being. We are very pleased, and now will not be evicted from our quiet downtown community. Tthank you, Mr. Frecker!
Eric & Danielle, Columbus, OH 30th May 2006

Amazing! The dogs were responding by the end of Bob's visit. The improvement continues daily. Remarkably we haven't even done re-call yet & they are coming in when called from the outside.
Karen T., Mansfield, OH 7th February 2005

I am very pleased with the training that I received from Bob. Even after the first day I saw a huge improvement in Darcy. Bob explained the Bark Busters system well and made me understand why Darcy acted the way he did.
Leila R., German Village, OH 7th February 2005

We are so happy with how Max has been responding to the training. The evening of our 1st session he was a totally different dog! After 6 months of having new furniture, I, finally, spent a night stretched out on the couch with out having to share with the dog!
Mollie N., Hilliard, OH 7th February 2005

This is a wonderful training program! I am so happy with my dogs and how well they are responding to this program. Thank you so much.
Christy B., Grandview, OH 7th February 2005

After the second visit, the turnaround was AMAZING. Lars is responding so well! Bob was great! He is patient, knowledgeable and has a great sence of humor, we would recommend him to anyone.
Harriet I., Reynoldsburg, OH 7th February 2005

I was extremely pleased with the training & have already recommended you to some friends. I felt like I immediately had a great new dog.
Tracy D., Powell, OH 7th February 2005

After working with Mr. Frecker it is like having a new dog - I am pleased - very happy. When I came home I was amazed at the progress with my husband & Dutches.
Bob & Cindy D., Pickerington, OH 7th February 2005

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